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About idApostle:

idApostle is an Ottawa-based graphic design studio specializing in branding. Services include brand strategy, brand naming, brand positioning, and brand engagement. I partner with people who are—or want to become—passionate about what their company is doing. I am always keen to meet startups, or established companies looking to better define why they matter through branding. My clients are varied but all share a belief that design can improve their business. (more)

Let’s Chat:

I would love the opportunity to hear about your business, its obstacles, and your goals. We can arrange a time to swap questions either by phone, Skype or email. My clients are located around the globe, but if you happen to be in the Ottawa area, we can set a time to meet up. (more)



These tactile letterpress business cards are informed by the design aesthetic of N45 Architecture and convey their attention to detail.


Don’t Call it That is an insightful, direct, and fun tool that delivers purpose for anyone involved in a naming project.


idApostle was tasked with the brand creation for a new business based in Quebec, Canada that promotes locally made Canadian lifestyle products. These laser cut business cards were one of the first deliverables.

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Notes for Inspiring Brands


Great brands know a logo can’t carry all the weight. Neither can your name, business card, packaging, or website. Everything must work together to tell a compelling story.


Branding can simplify your audiences decision-making process. Consistent messaging, removing obstacles, clarifying benefits, standing apart, and aligning values can make the process of choosing you easier.


Branding is a never-ending work in progress. To continue offering a clear and compelling choice to people, companies must constantly adapt and reinforce their purpose.

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