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About idApostle:

idApostle is an Ottawa-based graphic design studio specializing in branding. Services include brand strategy, brand naming, brand positioning, and brand engagement. I partner with people who are—or want to become—passionate about what their company is doing. I am always keen to meet startups, or established companies looking to better define why they matter through branding. My clients are varied but all share a belief that design can improve their business. (more)

Let’s Chat:

I would love the opportunity to hear about your business, its obstacles, and your goals. We can arrange a time to swap questions either by phone, Skype or email. My clients are located around the globe, but if you happen to be in the Ottawa area, we can set a time to meet up. (more)


Notes for Inspiring Brands


Great brands know a logo can’t carry all the weight. Neither can your name, business card, packaging, or website. Everything must work together to tell a compelling story.


Branding can simplify your audiences decision-making process. Consistent messaging, removing obstacles, clarifying benefits, standing apart, and aligning values can make the process of choosing you easier.


Branding is a never-ending work in progress. To continue offering a clear and compelling choice to people, companies must constantly adapt and reinforce their purpose.

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An Ongoing Exercise in Self-Improvement by Steve Zelle

Two idApostle logos will be included in the new book Alphabet Logo, a publication focussing on single letter logos.

The logo for Coredge Software appears in the recently published Monogram Logo: Monograms & Ciphers book by Counter-Print.

This grid-based sketchbook is an interesting alternative to the standard blank page.

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